ARMYs Find Similarities Between “Squid Game” And “Run BTS!” And Now We Can’t Unsee It

Is it a coincidence?

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It seems as if the world is going crazy for the new Netflix K-Drama Squid Game. Since premiering on the platform, it has broken records worldwide, including the Korean record for the highest score on Netflix, and has been trending in America!

“Squid Game” poster | Netflix

Yet, when it comes to breaking records and making an impact worldwide, it isn’t just this K-Drama gaining love as K-Pop group BTS has been taking over with ARMYs from worldwide! It seems as if fans have been finding connections between the two on social media, and it’s hard to argue with them!

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

The show is about a group of candidates who participate in children’s games to win a huge sum of prize money. Unfortunately, stakes are high as losing the games can result in death. Yet, despite the deadly consequences, some ARMYs have seen similarities to BTS’s Run BTS!

Obviously, the first thing they noticed was the similarities in outfits. In Squid Game, the participants all wear green tracksuits, similar to those worn by RMJin, and V during episode 138.

The cast of “Squid Game” | Netflix
BTS’s RM, V, and Jin during “Run BTS!”

Also, fans have noticed some of the more detailed aspects of the storyline resemble recognizable Run BTS! moments. In particular, one part of the K-Drama has caught the attention of fans: the calling card! On the card are a series of symbols, and anyone who receives one is invited to take part in the game.

The calling card from “Squid Game” | Netflix

For many ARMYs, the first thing they thought about was episode 145 of Run BTS! While the members were trying to find a way back to the present by completing several tasks, they had to find clues to help find the thief.

Member J-Hope found one in a building, and it was a card with three symbols on it, the same three symbols as seen on the calling card!


If that wasn’t enough, others saw a similarity in one of the games played during Squid Game and Run BTS! One of the first games that viewers witnessed was the classic “Red light, green light.”

During the episode, the participants had to get to the other side of the yard. However, the catch is that they must move on the green and stop on the red. If they lose or get caught, they are killed by the dominating figure.

| Netflix   

Obviously, the version in Run BTS! did not have the same deadly consequences, but it is a game that the members have played a number of times. For example, in episode 128, BTS played the same game where they had to cross the floor without being spotted by the member in charge.


After seeing the comparisons, ARMYs wondered whether Run BTS influenced Squid Game or the group somehow knew the plot before the show was released.

Luckily, BTS is very safe when they’re playing games during the episodes.

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