Netizens Find An Old Video Of “Squid Game” Actor Wi Hajoon Dancing To TWICE’s “Cheer Up,” And We Can’t Get Enough

Could he be any more perfect?

After the release of the Netflix series Squid Game, the actors are seeing overnight popularity. In particular, one actor who has been gaining a lot of attention is actor Wi Ha Joon, who portrays the role of police officer Hwang Jun Ho in the series.

Wi Ha Joon on the poster for “Squid Game” | Netflix

Although it is only recently that he has gained a lot of attention from fans, Wi Ha Joon has actually been acting since 2012 in K-Dramas such as 18 Again, Romance is a Bonus Book, and more.

With such a long career, fans have been diving into the archives, finding out more about the show’s hunky policeman!

Wi Ha Joon | @wi__wi__wi/ Instagram

In particular, an old clip of the actor has been resurfaced, and fans were extremely excited to see that he is also a great dancer! In particular, he seemed to shine dancing to a certain song by girl group TWICE.

Back in 2016, Wi Ha Joon was promoting an event labeled Star. The clip showed the actor dancing with others to TWICE’s classic track “Cheer Up!” Yet, not only was he dancing it, but netizens think he slayed the routine.


In particular, fans shared their love for how much effort he put into it. One explained that while the other males around him seemed shy during the dance, Wi Ha Joon was putting in 110%. Many also praised him for doing the dance justice and performing it as the members did, rather than changing it to make it seem more “masculine.”

Even those who didn’t know who Wi Ha Joon couldn’t stop praising his skills, with one netizen commenting, “I don’t even know who this guy is, but he’s adorable!

It also isn’t the first time Wi Ha Joon has caught the attention of netizens. When the show was first aired, he caught the attention of fans for his amazing physique, and he was even picked for the October edition of Men’s Health.

There is no denying that Wi Ha Joon seems too good at everything, and we love a guy who can do girl group tracks justice! You can watch the whole clip below!

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