“Squid Game” VIP Actor, Geoffrey Guiliano, Under Fire For Grocery Store Rant And For Promoting Service For Men Who Want To Date Thai Women

Netizens are drawing comparisons between his character and his behavior in real life.

Geoffrey Guiliano, an actor who appeared as a VIP in Squid Game, is under fire after his 2017 grocery store rant has resurfaced. He also is being criticized for promoting a website aimed at men who want to date Thai women.

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In 2017, Geoffrey Guiliano was shown cursing at another customer, a French expat, while checking out at a grocery store in Pattaya, Thailand. The customer alleged that Geoffrey had cut in front of him in the express checkout line. The line was meant for shoppers with 10 or fewer items, but Geoffrey purchased approximately 25 items.

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Geoffrey told the customer who filmed him that he wasn’t intimidated by the camera because he was an actor. Although he said he wasn’t intimidated by the camera, Geoffrey was visibly upset. He told the customer, “Go f*** yourself, okay? Go f*** yourself. Okay, let’s get it real straight. You can go f*** yourself.”

Geoffrey continued his rant by telling the customer that he could do whatever he wanted because he’s American. He said, “I’m an American; I do what I want. We’re the kings of the world, okay?”

The rant was published by DailyMail in 2017. The customer who filmed Geoffrey’s rant said that he slammed his items down so aggressively after cutting in line that “a watermelon and a banana broke.” The customer was also surprised that Geoffrey was cursing in front of his children and his wife, and he noted that Geoffrey’s wife looked embarrassed by her husband’s behavior.

Geoffrey made headlines a year earlier in 2016 when he was involved in a DailyMail investigation about John Lennon and Yoko Ono‘s missing photographs from their secret wedding in 1969. Geoffrey has written biographies of the Beatles members, and he put a reporter who was posing as a collector of Beatles memorabilia into contact with a middleman who offered to sell the negatives of the photos on behalf of a well-known Beatles biographer. The middleman canceled the sale, however, because he suspected that the buyer was working on Yoko Ono’s behalf.

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That same year, Geoffrey was promoting a website called DateThaiLadies, and he posted his promotional videos on his personal YouTube channel. In the videos, he relied on stereotypes of Thai women to promote the dating service. In one video called “Geoffrey Guiliano: If I Date a Thai Girl I Will Be Ridiculed By My Friends,” he told men to not be embarrassed to date Thai women because Thai women “are the most beautiful, sensual women in the world.” 

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In another video called “Geoffrey Guiliano: A Thai Girl Just Wants Your Money!,” he addressed the racist stereotype that Thai women are golddiggers who just want men for their money. He said he had been married to an American woman for 30 years, and she wasted his money on going to the salon and came back looking “exactly the same.” 

In a video called “Geoffrey Guiliano: Why Should a Beautiful Thai Lady Want Me?,” he told men interested in the dating service that Thai women would be interested in a man who gives them love and respect. He also said they don’t “get that [respect] from Thai men.” 

Now that his grocery store rant has gone viral and his promotional videos for DateThaiLadies have resurfaced, netizens are drawing comparisons between Geoffrey and his Squid Game character, a rich, entitled American who paid for the opportunity to watch South Koreans compete against each other in deadly games.


Source: NextShark, DailyMail and DailyMail

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