Did SS501 Ever Officially Disband? Kim Hyungjun Responds

“I want to be careful, but…”

After debuting in 2005 and leaving DSP Media in 2011 after their contracts expired, the five members of SS501 haven’t promoted as a full group since.

Although three of the members have promoted in the sub-unit SS301 (also known as Double S 301) that gained fame with the track “U R Man”, there have been rumors that the full group has quietly disbanded.

In the second episode of Kim Hyungjun‘s Neighborhood Bro Jjun, the youngest member addressed the rumor by responding to the question of whether or not SS501 ever had an “official breakup.

Kim Hyungjun understood why some people would come to that conclusion and said, “You could think that we broke up from us not being active.” It wasn’t the truth, though.

Despite SS501 not being active in ten years, Kim Hyungjun confirmed they didn’t disband, even though he also thought it was far too long of a hiatus.

We didn’t break up? Even I felt like, ‘Are we not going to be active… We did take a long break!’

— Kim Hyungjun

He then gave fans some hope for the future. Kim Hyungjun said they’ve been keeping their schedules free enough to squeeze in a reunion whenever it’s possible. He was just as anxious as fans to make it happen and has been in contact with the other members to discuss it.

But we didn’t break up officially! Because anytime, we have to leave room to do anything! With this, I feel like we are getting our hopes up for no reason…

I want to be careful, but I do want to do it. If we become forty, we can’t do it. I even talk with the members. We have to do it!

— Kim Hyungjun

Since fans have supported the members on their solo activities in those past ten years, they’ll be just as excited whenever the full group makes a comeback. Watch Kim Hyungjun clear up the rumor and talk about the group’s discussions about a reunion here.