Project Group SSAK3 To Donate All Profits Made From Promotions To Those In Need

They will be donating all proceeds.

SSAK3 is a project group consisting of Lee Hyori, Rain and Yoo Jae Suk that was created through the TV program Hangout with Yoo. The group released their debut track “Beach Again” on July 18.

| @rain_oppa/Instagram

Their song hit an ‘all-kill’ according to Instiz’s iChart, making it the fifth song ever to do so. They made an all-kill on the real-time charts of Melon, Genie, Soribada, Bugs, Flo, Vibe, and iChart.

According to the MBC officials, all profits received through their album promotions including their title track, cover song, and physical album sales, will be donated to help those in need.

On July 20, they released an unofficial version of “Beach Again” through their YouTube channel and revealed a different and fun version before the release of the official music video.

They are also preparing to perform on stage for MBC’s Music Core with their debut track on the July 25 broadcast. This debut track features popular concepts from the 90’s and was composed by Lee Sang Soon and written by Lee Hyori.

| @hangout_with_yoo/Instagram

Make sure to grab a copy of their debut album on July 25!

Source: money today