Staff Member Who Spied On Shin Se Kyung And Yoon Bomi Sentenced

He installed hidden cameras in their dorm rooms.

Late last year Yoon Bomi and Shin Se Kyung starred on the variety show Pocha Without Borders but controversy regarding hidden cameras soon unfolded.

Shin Se Kyung found hidden cameras in her dorm room disguised as portable battery chargers and it was quickly found out that an employee who worked for an external company installed the hidden cameras in both Shin Se Kyung and Bomi’s dorms rooms to spy on them.

On July 10th, the perpetrator, Mr. Kim (30) was sentenced by Judge Kwon Young Hye of the Seoul Southern District Court to 18 months in prison and three years probation. The jury gave their explanation for the verdict:

The nature of the crime is not good when we consider the motives, contents, means and methods of the crime by installing cameras in the accomodation where personal privacy should be most respected. The defendant must bear a heavy responsibility for taking advantage of his position in the filming team in a special environment of overseas filming to commit illegal acts.

– The Jury