Staff of “My Tutor Friend” apologizes to viewers for leaked footage

A hot and messy issue developed and brought out many scandalous opinions when Ye Won and Lee Tae Im’s dispute was first revealed. Later, an original video clip of My Tutor Friend was leaked that caused even more uproar among fans.

Three days after the production staff of My Tutor Friend ended their program for good, they posted an apology statement on their official website. It was the first official statement given by the staff after the concerning issue became even worse.

The staff mentioned in the statement, “We’d like to thank all those viewers who gave us attention from the beginning until the end. We highly appreciate them. The video of the February filming that was leaked on March 27th caused some backlash, and we would also like to apologize for this. We are currently working on our management to prevent anything like this (video leak) from happening again. We feel very unfortunate that the two cast members, Lee Tae im and Ye Won, are again facing difficulties despite their apologies to each other, simply due to the video being leaked. Again, we will make sure in the future that no video will be leaked.”

The issue first came about when Lee Tae Im dropped out of the show after swearing at Ye Won, who was at the time a guest on the show. Lee Tae Im later admitted her actions and apologized officially while Ye Won officially accepted and thanked her for apologizing. It looked as if the problem ended their but the leaked video that was later viewed by many people around the globe caused the issue to arise once again.

This time although, many viewers are accusing Ye Won being rude and unprofessional which was very different from her official statement back then. Many viewers requested Ye Won to stop filming for We Got Married, leading to her agency officially apologizing to the fans, “we apologize to both Lee Tae Im and Ye Won.

Source: Starnews