Huge Difference In Stage Time For Boy And Girl Groups At “2019 KBS Song Festival” Revealed

There’s a huge disparity.

KBS is under fire for their mistreatment of Apink during the 2019 KBS Song Festival.

They reportedly cut their stage short, did not give them time to practice during rehearsals, and did not put their pictures in advertisements for the festival.

“Justice For Apink” Trends Worldwide After KBS Cut Their Performance Short At Gayo Daechukje


Now fans are digging up other examples of possible bias, the current one making rounds being the disparity between stage time given to boy groups and girl groups.

Boy Groups

BTS – 21:15
Seventeen – 7:27
GOT7 – 7:06
MONSTA X – 6:46
TXT – 5:32
NU’EST – 5:25
Stray Kids – 4:38
Astro – 4:33
NCT 127 – 4:32
N.Flying – 4:31
Golden Child – 4:15
The Boyz – 4:10
NCT DREAM – 4:02


Girl Groups

TWICE – 6:47
GFriend – 5:45
MAMAMOO – 5:31
Oh My Girl – 5:00
Chungha – 4:33
ITZY – 4:31
Apink – 4:18
Cosmic Girls – 3:59
Everglow – 3:51

BTS had the most airtime with 21:15 minutes while other boy groups such as Seventeen, GOT7, and MONSTA X had around seven minutes on average.

Meanwhile, TWICE had the most stage time among girl groups at 6:47 minutes, almost the same time as MONSTA X who was only the 4th place among boy groups.

Most girl groups had less than five minutes to perform, despite being hugely popular with big fanbases.

Netizens are not blaming the artists but the network for the seemingly biased screen time, saying it is KBS’s responsibility to ensure fair performances.

Big Hit doesn’t have many singers, so it’s not like Big Hit’s partyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why are people cursing Big Hit and Bangtan here?.. It was KBS’s faultㅋㅋㅋ I bet the people who swear here aren’t Apink fans but other group fansㅋㅋㅋㅋ

You guys, you should understand that it was KBS’s fault.

– Korean Netizens

Moreover, fans are also upset with KBS for not allowing girl group members to greet fans in the extended stage, although they did not stop the boy groups from doing so.


Source: theqoo