#StandForJK Trends On Twitter As Fans Ask HYBE Labels To Protect BTS’s Jungkook

ARMYs are taking matters into their own hands.

ARMYs have decided to step up in an effort to protect their favorite group as BTS‘s Jungkook finds himself in the middle of a surprising controversy.

BTS’s Jungkook | HYBE Labels

Previously, Jungkook began making headlines for participating in “false advertising” with his brother’s clothing brand, Six6uys. The controversy arose when netizens found out that the BTS member was not only sitting as a director of the company, but he was also frequently photographed wearing clothes from the brand in different BTS-related activities.

Six6uys sweatshirt (left) and Jungkook wearing the sweatshirt during a live broadcast (right).

This led to a surprising controversy, as the BTS member began to receive criticisms for his “under-the-table” advertising. Jungkook officially resigned as the director of his brother’s brand following the scrutiny, but one netizen recently took it a step further by filing a report to the Fair Trade Commission against Jungkook.

Not even a full day following the ongoing situation, BTS fans have banded together to ask HYBE Labels to protect Jungkook from the backlash. #StandforJK has officially started to take over Twitter, as thousands and thousands of ARMYs begin to tackle the situation head on. So far, a total of 112,000 tweets have been made with the hashtag #StandforJK, proving the power of ARMYs.

#StandForJK trending on Twitter.

One ARMY kept it short and simple, by stating that Jungkook “deserves better.”

This particular fan called out Big Hit Entertainment (now known as HYBE Labels) and asked them to “take action” against the “baseless, defamatory scandals.”

Another Jungkook fan had a hard time understanding why the controversy was created in the first place and asked everyone to just “leave him alone.”

This ARMY had no problem asking BTS’s agency to protect Jungkook, as they claimed they were “worried for him.”

HYBE Labels have not yet responded to the ongoing situation, but we hope that everything gets resolved smoothly.