Standing EGG completes preparation for May comeback album

Standing EGG has revealed that they are all ready to make a comeback and release a new mini-album in two weeks’ time!

After releasing their single “Starry Night” last month, Standing EGG will be back again with something bigger — more songs through a mini-album. On the night of May 4th, the indie band announced their comeback date as well as unveiled an artistic concept image for the album through their official Twitter page.

The group also updated fans with their current progress, saying, “Finally, all preparations have been completed. Standing EGG’s new album will be released on May 22nd. New Mini Album 2015. 05. 22 Release.”

The silhouettes of four members could be seen in the concept image, taken against a beautiful, bright sunset. With the street name writing “Gardner Rd,” the group seems to be going with a concept with a foreign feel.

Although the album name has yet to be revealed, Standing EGG is scheduled to release the album on May 22nd.