Star Empire Entertainment threatens legal action to companies approaching ZE:A

Star Empire Entertainment has addressed the latest rumors that members of boy group ZE:A are now free agents.

Rumors dictated that ZE:A members Im Siwan, Park Hyungsik, Kwanghee, and Dongjun‘s contracts with Star Empire is set to expire in December, and will most likely become free agents in a few months. Should the rumors hold true, ZE:A’s future as a group is in crisis as they may disband.

On October 20th, the agency revealed that ZE:A despite rumors, all of the members of the group are still under contract which have yet to expire. Star Empire further add a warning that they will take legal action towards any companies approaching the group members while they are still under contract.

However, it should be noted that if ZE:A’s contract expiration are three months away, companies are legally allowed to approach the members and vice versa.

ZE:A debuted as a nine member group in 2010 with their last group album release in September 2015. Many of the members are currently busy with individual activities while Minwoo is serving in the military as of September 15, 2015.

Source: OSEN