Star News reports YG Entertainment to debut new girl group this summer

On May 12th, Star News reported that YG Entertainment is aiming to debut a new girl group before September, or at least sometime during the summer. The group would come 6 years after the debut of YG Entertainment’s last group, 2NE1, back in 2009. 

YG Entertainment who has long been rumored to be debuting their next girl group, might be making their move, as it was reported that a YG Entertainment official revealed the agency’s preparations for the new group’s debut.

The official revealed, “This girl group will have be skilled since they have all been training for at least three years. CEO Yang Hyun Suk, who likes perfection in music, is continuously checking on their progress and therefore their debut date might change.”

“However, as it stands, the possibility that the girls will debut this summer is very high. CEO Yang Hyun Suk is preparing them continuously in hopes that this girl group and IKON (YG Entertainment’s upcoming boy group) will receive both the female rookie award and the male rookie award this year.”

The official continued to talk about the new group, mentioning their unique qualities, “This team will have a new characteristic, one that is uncommon and new to the K-Pop realm.”

YG Entertainment has been scarce in their information about the new girl group, besides two of the members. Born in 1995, Kim Jisoo is known for her visuals along with her remarkable dancing skills. Born in 1996, Kim Jeni has appeared in G-Dragon‘s “That XX” music video as a lead female role. During G-Dragon’s solo promotion, Kim Jeni also appeared on SBS’ Inkigayo as a surprise guest and featured in his song “Black” on stage.

It was also reported that Jang Hanna, who appeared in SBS‘ K-Pop Star Season 3 and was rumored to join the group, will ultimately not be debuting with the group.

Star News also reported that in addition to debuting a new girl group, YG Entertainment plans to have IKON debut, Lee Hi, Epik High, and Akdong Musician comeback before September, and potentially have WINNER release a new album. However, WINNER wouldn’t comeback until after Mino finishes his participation in Mnet‘s Show Me The Money 4, which ends in late August or early September.

Source: Star News