“Star” Tutor Threatens Lawsuit After Netizen’s Viral Tweet Criticizes Him For Promoting K-Drama “Crash Course In Romance”

“Deleting your account won’t make this go away.”

“Star” tutor Hyun Woo Jin hit back at a netizen criticizing him for promoting tvN‘s Crash Course In Romance.

Hyun Woo Jin | @woojinmath/Instagram

On January 15, Hyun Woo Jin promoted tvN’s new K-Drama, Crash Course In Romance. The tutor uploaded an Instagram post where he asked fans to “Please watch” the drama.

Crash Course In Romance tells the story of a kind woman (played by Jeon Do Yeon) who, while navigating the incredibly competitive world of private education, falls in love with a “Star” tutor (played by Jung Kyung Ho).

Poster for Crash Course In Romance | tvN

Netizens were caught off guard by Hyun Woo Jin’s post, with many wondering why the tutor would promote the drama. Then one netizen tweeted out the alleged reason Hyun Woo Jin had uploaded the post. The post has since gone viral, being retweeted over 8000 times.

Hyun Woo Jin advised on the drama. But the funny thing is, when the producers first asked him to advise, he refused but changed his mind after learning that Jung Kyung Ho would be starring in the role.

— Netizen

On January 16, Hyun Woo Jin then responded to the netizen, posting their tweet on his Instagram story. In the story, Hyun Woo Jin denied the netizen’s allegations as false and vowed to take legal action for defamation.

The (netizen) seems to not have a life and therefore is writing a novel as if it was his journal. I will first sue for defamation and will then listen to the publisher’s opinions and statements.

— Hyun Woo Jin

The tutor then revealed that he would no longer take part in advising for projects not related to his class.

From now on, I will not take part in advising, making inquiries, or sharing my experience in ways not related to my class. I advised (the drama) with good intentions, but internet scums have broken my will. I will, of course, not appear on any television shows.

— Hyun Woo Jin

When it was revealed that the netizen who tweeted the original post had deleted the tweet and their account, Hyun Woo Jin responded by revealing what the netizen needed to do to be forgiven.

The way to forgiveness. Handwrite your name, contact information, and what happened. I will give you four hours. Deleting your account won’t make this go away.

— Hyun Woo Jin

According to a TV Report article, a lawyer stated that it was difficult for the netizen’s tweet to be considered defamation. The lawyer reportedly advised that it would be difficult for the tutor to win the case as Twitter would most likely not cooperate.

Hyun Woo Jin is one of Korea’s most recognizable “star tutors,” or teachers who teach at private hakwons or afterschool academy.  The tutor made news when it was reported that he made over ₩20.0 billion KRW (about $16.2 million USD) a year through teaching and selling books.

Source: tv report and news1

Crash Course In Romance

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