Starship Entertainment Appoints Former KBS Producer Lee Hoon Hee As New CEO

They are ready to expand globally.

Former KBS producer Lee Hoon Hee will be leading Starship Entertainment, along with Lee Jin Seong, the current CEO. Recently, Starship announced that they held a board meeting an appointed Lee Hoon Hee as the new CEO.

Lee Hoon Hee is an expert in the Korean entertainment industry with experience in all aspects of music and media contents over the past 30 years. Starship plans to focus more on expanding new business areas and strengthening global competitiveness in order to establish a unique position in the global entertainment industry. 

Lee Hoon Hee stated, “We will strive to expand our global influence based on the strength and growth potential of Starship Entertainment’s strong fandom of singers, actors, artists and music and video content businesses”. 

Source: osen