Starship Entertainment To Debut New Boy Group Next Year

A representative confirmed the news.

Starship Entertainment is preparing to launch their second boygroup by 2020.

An official confirmed the news on July 24, stating,

We are preparing a new boygroup for their debut early next year. We have been preparing for the launch of this boygroup since last year and have started our full-scale debut plan.

Starship Entertainment received a lot of love following the success of Produce X 101 and their trainees garnered a lot of praise and interest. As trainees Koo Jungmo, Moon Hyunbin, and Ham Wonjin did not make the final debut of X1, they are expected to debut with Starship’s new boygroup.

Since X1’s 5-year contract states that after 2 and 1/2 years the boys can promote with their respective agencies, there are speculations that Song Hyungjun and Kang Minhee will join the group later. There has been no confirmation on this, however.

Starship Entertainment houses many great artists such as K-Will, Soyou, MONSTA X, and Cosmic Girls.

Source: Naver