Male Idol Group Wins Lawsuit Against Agency Who Starved And Harassed Them

The group has suffered years of mistreatment.

The K-Pop group that recently made the news for their severe mistreatment and the subsequent lawsuit has been revealed. Shortly after news of the group’s lawsuit win, it was revealed that the group was INX.

The five members of INX, Sangho, Bonguk, Jungyong, Jinam, and Win.

This also means that the agency involved in the dispute was likely NA Media.


The five-member group debuted back in 2016 and only had two comebacks before rumors of their disbandment were circulated around the web.

Their last comeback was on April 4, 2017, with “2gether” and disbandment rumors started in October.


Although the group has never officially disbanded, it isn’t a surprise that these rumors surfaced after the way they were mistreated. Their agency repeated cut staff and even stopped providing monetary support for food and other living expenses.

The CEO was also said to frequently insult and threaten the members.


Luckily, the members were able to win their lawsuit that claimed the company had violated various contractual obligations and their contracts were officially canceled. Now the only question is whether or not the boys will continue working for their idol dreams or not.

Source: World Ilbo