STAYC Announce Their Official Fandom Name

Congratulations on your new “sweet and lovely” name!

On the very last day of 2020, 50 days after their debut, STAYC has announced their official fandom name! After reviewing over 1,000 entries from fans, the girls reviewed in a video that their fans will now be known as SWITH!

They went on to explain that SWITH is a combination of the first letter of STAYC (S) and “with” meaning that fans will be “together with STAYC” and “be by STAYC’s side”. The Korean pronunciation of “SWITH” sounds like “sweet” so they said it also means that.


The official definition given at the end of the video is that SWITH means “we will always stay by STAYC’s side” and represents “STAYC’s sweet and lovely fans”.

The girls ended by saying “We love you!” and wishing everyone a Happy New Year!