STAYC’s Comeback Song “Stereotype” Was Actually Given To Them Even Before They Debuted

This song was always meant to belong to STAYC!

STAYC made their comeback with “Stereotype” recently, but this song was actually meant to come out 2 years ago, before they even debuted!

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STAYC held an online showcase for their comeback, where they performed their song ” Stereotype” for the first time. The main track ‘Stereotype’ falls under the group’s signature ‘teen fresh’ genre. Boasting the group’s unique ‘cool teen’ vibe and graceful elegance, STAYC revealed that the song was actually being unveiled after two whole years!

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It was written as STAYC’s first song, when all members making up the group became set and confirmed. This hidden track will let STAYC show off some new sides to them, from dreamy to punky fun.

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Seeun revealed that since the song was written so long ago, they badly wanted to make a comeback with it, and show fans the results of their hardwork!

This song is one that we received when the members had been chosen for the debut lineup. We felt like it was too much of a waste to keep it to ourselves, so we wanted to share this with our fans as soon as possible.

Since we practiced it for so long, it’s very meaningful to us, and we have confidence in it [showing it to fans]!


Seeun | @1theK/Twitter

STAYC made their comeback with the album Stereotype and a title track of the same name.

Watch the MV for it here!

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