Here’s Why STAYC’s Debut Was So Successful, According To Sieun

Here’s the reason Sieun thinks they’re doing well!

STAYC debuted in November 2020, and gained immediate attention from netizens with their explosive debut song “So Bad”!

STAYC | High Up Entertainment

Their next comeback, “ASAP”, slowly gained traction s a sleeper hit, becoming very popular because of its adorable “kitten punch” key dance move!

And ever since then, STAYC has only been going up!

And recently, Sieun sat down for an all-English interview, where she was asked her thoughts on STAYC’s success, ever since their debut!

We’re not sure if you’re aware, but STAYC is regarded as one of the most successful debuts of 2020. Why do you think this was possible?

And SIeun’s answer was perfect! She first credited her group’s talented and fresh vocals as one of the reasons, and also their concept of “teen-fresh”!

I think it’s STAYC’s unique and crystal clear voices, but also the keyword, or STAYC’s main keyword, “teen-fresh”. It means we’re not afraid to be frank and confident. I think that keyword is very important.


These reasons are only a few of why their fans love them, but they did certainly make for a great girl group debut!

You can watch Sieun talk about it here!

And check out their latest comeback song “RUN2U” here!