STAYC Is Already Getting Endorsement Deals Just 5 Months After Their Debut

These girls already have the brand power!

Rookie girl group STAYC has already been signing endorsement deals with LG Household & Health Care, just 5 months after their debut!

On April 1st, High Up Entertainment revealed that all 6 members of the group had signed with LG Household & Health Care as the models of their beauty brands. Since then, the company has been revealing each members’ endorsement deals with each beauty brand.

| LG Household & Health Care

As of April 6, has been announced as the new face of The Faceshop, while ISAYoon, and Sumin have been revealed to be the new face of Code Glokolor. The Faceshop is a South Korea-based skincare and cosmetics retailer and distributor, while Code Glokolor is a makeup brand.

| LG Household & Health Care
| LG Household & Health Care

Sieun’s and Seeun’s endorsements have yet to be announced.

Source: @STAYC_official/Twitter