K-Netizens Criticize A Fan’s Rude And Disrespectful Behavior Towards STAYC

How can they call themselves a fan?

Recently, girl group STAYC performed at the Woori Financial Group’s Momo concert over the weekend.

While the members had a great time, fans noticed someone yelling rudely at the members.

Today at Momocon, people were taken aback as someone was yelling rudely at the members and calling them by their full names. When the girls said they would discuss after seeing what the fans wanted to hear for the encore song, the rude fan said the members were pretending to ask the fans when they were going to sing ‘Poppy’ anyway. Not sure if a member heard or not, but she said they really did discuss it.

In the video below, you can hear someone yelling, “Hey, Lee Chaeyoung,” which is Isa‘s full birth name.

Seriously who are you to call them like that.

Fans could see the other members looking shocked after hearing it as well.

Look at how shocked the members are too..did you really have to yell like that…

Online fan communities predicted that the fan had probably called out their full name to try and get them to look at their camera. But as this was a concert with other artists, both STAYC and their fans were shocked at this behavior. It was also revealed that this happened during the fan sign event as well.

There were more incidents like during today’s fan sign event…

In the two videos, you can hear someone talking rudely to the members.

First video: Hey separately.
Second video: Put the mic down.

Netizens that watched the videos could not believe someone could act like this and call themselves a fans.

  • “What’s wrong with them?”
  • “Put them on the blacklist.”
  • “Please blacklist them. Even true fans in their Bubble live broadcast are seen being rude, too. It’s not the first time I’ve been fed up with things like this.”
  • “They are crazy and rude. Where is the agency when you need them.”
  • “Wow that type of speech sounds like someone who will cause problems in your life.”
  • “Why are they like that? Are they crazy?”
Source: theqoo