STAYC’s First Fan-Taken Pictures Without Masks Are Hitting Everyone With Their Incredible Visual Quality

STAYC was filming for a schedule, and these gorgeous photos of them were taken while filming!

Ever since their debut, rookie group STAYC has been garnering attention for their incredible visuals and talents, and netizens are always talking about how incredible they are!

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After their explosive debut with “So Bad”, STAYC recently announced their first comeback to be on April 8 with the single album STAYDOM, and have been impressing everyone with all the teasers!

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| High-Up Entertainment

In addition to their teasers, STAYC was finally photographed by fan accounts without their mask for the first time while they attended a schedule, and netizens can’t help but rave over this top-tier visual group!

Leader Sumin looked gorgeous with her purple hair glinting in the sun…

While Yoon was all smiles at the filming site!

Sieun looked so pretty with her hair up in braids!

Isa was a whole cutie!

Seeun rocked her brand-new hime-cut with neon highlights;

And maknae J showed off her bright smile and equally bright pinkish-blonde hair!

The girls are so beautiful!

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STAYC is slated to make their first-ever comeback on April 8, 2021, with the single album STAYDOM.

Watch their latest teaser here!

Source: Nate Pann