STAYC Isa’s New Eyebrows Completely Change Her Look, And Netizens Can’t Decide Which One’s Better

But we can all agree she looks stunning either way!

STAYC‘s Isa is going viral right now for her visuals in her latest concept photos — but particularly for her new eyebrows!

Isa from STAYC. | @stayc_official/Twitter

Previously, Isa had an arched eyebrow shape with a distinct peak and angles to it. It complimented her visuals so well and accentuated her stunning eyes!

Isa for STAYC’s single album STAYDOM | @stayc_official/Twitter

In the latest concept photos for STAYC’s upcoming mini-album, STEREOTYPE, Isa switched out her arched look for a straight eyebrow shape!

Isa with her arched eyebrows. | @stayc_official/Twitter
Isa with her new straight eyebrow shape. | @stayc_official/Twitter

While the arched shape is popular particularly in western makeup styles, the straight brow is popular in Asia since it adds or emphasizes a youthful appearance.

| @stayc_official/Twitter

Isa undeniably looks beautiful in the new concept photos, but netizens are torn over which shape they prefer! Many are missing the arched brows, but we can all agree she’s still stunning.

| theqoo
  • “502. They both look great on her… ♡ My baby.”
  • “506. Whoa, the difference these shapes can make! For me though, I think she looks better with the arched brows.”
  • “523. She looked better with the arched brows. I never knew how important brow shapes are until now. She looks like a different person now.”
  • “532. They both make her look like a fairy princess. She’s beautiful. The arched brows bring out the kitty cat vibe though. 😻 Again, she’s gorgeous either way!”
  • “672. I think the make-up style is different too. The arched brows gave her a unique vibe though, more ‘idol-y.’ She can rock them.”

STAYC’s concept photos for their upcoming album are full of shots of the members wearing beautiful outfits and surrounded by nature, so it makes sense that Isa would rock a more gentle eyebrow look to match!

| @stayc_official/Twitter

It’s amazing how something as simple as eyebrows can change a person’s appearance, but Isa’s visuals are on top no matter what!

Source: theqoo and Twitter