STAYC’s J Modeled Her Low Voice Off Of A Western Pop Star And You Can’t Unhear The Similarities

They sound so alike!

Monster rookie group STAYC are currently making the rounds to promote their upcoming comeback, “Stereotype”, which will be released on September 6. As a part of their promotions, the girls stopped by MMTG to pay host JaeJae a visit.

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During the first half of the episode, the younger members introduced the millenial JaeJae to the world of “Gen Z” before reuniting with their “unnies” for an interview.

JaeJae gives the “ASAP” TikTok trend a try. | 문명특급 – MMTG/YouTube 

Once together, JaeJae asked the girls some questions about their profiles. When she got to she first noted the major difference between J’s cute speaking voice and her low singing voice.

| 문명특급 – MMTG/YouTube 

JaeJae described this transformation as “suddenly becom[ing] Dua Lipa when you sing,” referencing pop icon Dua Lipa.

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What JaeJae didn’t know when she brought up the comparison between the young idol and the pop mega star was just how close she was to the truth. After JaeJae asked “Did you practice the way you sing?”, J gave this revelation.

I didn’t sing like that at first. I had ordinary tone of lower voice. But the PD suggested to me to sing like Dua Lipa so I practiced and I’m comfortable with it now.


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J has in the past shared a love for Dua Lipa. When the group was asked about their role models, J initially referred to Dua Lipa as her “sunbaenim” before clarifying that she just “really like[s] Dua Lipa.

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A few months later, J had recorded a full cover of Dua Lipa’s hit song “Don’t Start Now” for STAYC’s YouTube channel and the resemblance between the pair’s voices and charisma is uncanny.

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Had you ever noticed these vocal similarities before? Let us know and to see J’s full Dua Lipa cover, check out the video below: