Rookie Girl Group STAYC’s Music Video Under Fire For Plagiarism Suspicions Of A Music Video By Miley Cyrus

It’s not the first strike the producers have made.

Rookie girl group STAYC was on a roll with their popularity off the bat. They drew attention for their talent and beauty almost immediately from debut. However, Korean netizens have realized that their music video set was almost identical to that of a Miley Cyrus video.

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Netizens pointed out that STAYC’s music video for “So Bad” makes use of three key features – disco balls, plants and balloons with sparkles on the floor.

While seemingly innocuous, they claimed that the set was almost identical to Miley’s.

In Miley Cyrus’s music video for “Midnight Sky”, the same motifs can be seen.

Apart from the animals, the overall theme and vibes are similar.

Netizens are upset at the producers of the music video for what they accuse him of as plagiarism.

  • “Why are they like this FFS?”
  • “It’s basically the same set.”
  • “This is serious.”

  • “As expected of the unchanging standard of K-Pop~^^”
  • “There’s nothing different…. from the balloons to the sparkles, the plants and the lightings and disco ball..””
  • “Why are rookies like this”
  • “They’ve become a cheap company.”

On the other hand, netizens have pointed out that this is the work of Rigend Films once again. Rigend Films once came under fire for their production of (G)I-DLE‘s “Oh My God” music video. Netizens claimed that it was similar to that of FKA Twig‘s “Cellophane”.

From the close up…

… to the overhead shot in mud.

Not only has STAYC been pointed out for their similarities in music video, SM Entertainment‘s aespa has also recently been criticized for their teaser’s similarities with that of K/DA‘s.

Source: theqoo