Fans Love STAYC Sieun’s “Hamster-Like” Visuals, But She’s Actually Stressed Because Of It—Here’s Why

Fans love Sieun’s “hamster” like visuals, but she’s actually stressed because of it!

STAYC is a group full of gorgeous visuals, and Sieun fits right in with her beautiful features!

Sieun | @STAYC_official/Twitter

Many fans have likened her adorable features to a hamster, and while she’s grateful for the love, Sieun recently revealed why the comparisons to a hamster can be super stressful for her!

| @STAYC_official/Twitter

In a recent interview with Esquire Korea, the members of STAYC looked up their names online, and checked the information about themselves online!

When it was Sieun’s turn, she said that fans often think of her as a cute hamster and keep sending her pictures and videos of them, but since she’s actually really scared of hamsters, she gets a shock everytime she sees the pictures of them!

Apparently they say I look like a hamster. I hear it a lot, and even my signature emoticon is a hamster. I’m really thankful but actually, I’m really scared of them. So I’ve been getting a lot of related images and videos of this animal, and it shocked me a couple of times.

So I wanted to say this before but…because a lot of people already call me a hamster, so…yeah. I wanted to let you know that I’m scared of hamsters.


You can watch her talk about it here!

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