STAYC’s Yoon Hilariously Reveals How She Once Suffered Because Of Isa’s Habits

Their friendship is adorable!

STAYC‘s Yoon hilariously exposed fellow member Isa for her shopping habits!

STAYC recently sat down for a group interview with Esquire Korea, where they answered tons of fun questions about themselves, sent in by their adoring fans!

One of the questions asked to them was,

Who is the best dresser in the group?

And all fingers immediately pointed to Isa!

Isa then revealed how much she loves fashion and shopping!

I like clothes, and I love shopping. I don’t get tired even if it takes really long.


The staff then asked the rest of the members if any of them had even been shopping with Isa, and whether or not they suffered during the time!

Is there a member who went shopping with Isa and suffered?

And Yoon raised her hand immediately!

She then revealed the incident where she truly suffered because of Isa’s shopping habits!

We went shopping while we were grabbing a bite. We spent like 2 hours at a shopping center underground. So I said, “Unnie, shouldn’t we get a bite [to eat]?” And then she just handed me a drink and dragged me again.


Watch the hilarious moment here, from the 0:46 mark onwards!