STAYC’s Yoon Exposes Herself To Be A Huge Fangirl of IZ*ONE’s Yena

She couldn’t help but confess her love for Yena!

STAYC‘s Yoon exposed herself to be a big fan of IZ*ONE‘s Yena and it’s too cute!

| @STAYC_official/Twitter

In the latest episode of STAY:SEE (episode 8), the STAYC members are seen after one of their music broadcast rehearsals.

It was not long until Yoon let her inner fangirl out: “We share a waiting room with IZ*ONE. I might hear, so I’ll speak quietly.” Yoon shared this with the camera while cutely covering her mouth with her hand.

Yoon then expressed love for her favorite member who she revealed to be Yena: “Yena subaenim, I love you.

As a bonus to both Yoon and Yena fans, Yoon even perfectly executed Yena’s iconic dance move in IZ*ONE’s song “Panorama.”

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube

Yoon fangirling over Yena is too relatable to all K-Pop fans. Hopefully, Yena will get to meet Yena and possibly collaborate in the future? Fans would love to see it!

Check out the episode below:


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