STAYC’s Yoon Wants J’s Rapper Position In The Group—Here’s How J Reacted

J’s response was plain savage!

STAYC‘s J and Yoon brought their sibling energy to the workplace when they hilariously bickered about their positions in the group!

Yoon and J | @STAYC_official/Twitter

STAYC recently appeared on IDDP, where they revisited their past photos as well as read fan comments about them on social media!

The group also read their official profiles online, and when it was J’s turn, she expressed surprise at hers, because it listed her as a sub-vocal and a rapper, and she’d never rapped before!

I didn’t know I was actually a rapper!


Yoon quickly stepped in, saying that if J didn’t want the position, she’ll take it!

Let me be the rapper then! I’ll be rapping this time,


J hilariously shut this discussion down by telling Yoon that she’s “got a long way to go”!

STAYC came back with the album Stereotype, and a title track of the same name.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Youtube