STAYC’s Yoon Stuns By Wearing Sneakers As A Top

These sneakers aren’t meant to be worn on your feet.

STAYC recently dropped a second teaser for their upcoming title track “RUN2U” and caught fans’ attention with one of the unique items that Yoon wore.

Yoon | @STAYC_official/Twitter

In the teaser, one of the outfits Yoon appeared to wear was a black top and skirt with a unique type of corset on top.

Instead of the usual fabric, the corset was made out of sneakers placed on the back and on Yoon’s shoulders. It didn’t take fans long to find out what type they were.

The sneakers were a pair of Adidas called the Response Classic that has red, black, and gray detailing. The pair of sneakers are being resold for over $100 USD. Although the corset took many by surprise, Yoon isn’t the only celebrity to wear the unique look.

| Adidas

Designer Cierra Boyd, who made the trend famous with New Balance sneakers, created a custom look for Cardi B with a pair of Balenciaga sneakers.

It looks like Yoon is in good company with her fashionable looks. What do you think of the unique twist Yoon put on the trendy style?

| @STAYC_official/Twitter

Source: YouTube