STAYC’s Yoon Had A “Request” For Sumin, And Sumin’s Reaction Is Extremely Relatable

You will probably extremely relate to Sumin’s reaction!

STAYC‘s Yoon had the most adorably funny request for the group’s leader Sumin, and it’ll make you either agree or relate to Sumin!

Yoon and Sumin | @STAYC_official/Twitter

STAYC recently appeared on hello82‘s Youtube channel, where they answered quick questions and took up challenges for their fans!

STAYC | @STAYC_official/Twitter

One of the questions was for Yoon, and it was about the things she expects/wants from Sumin!

What I expect from Sumin?

Yoon had to answer in English, and she began by introducing Sumin as her “older sister”, to great protest from Sumin for the word older!

You don’t have to add older!


Yoon then cheekily commented that she “expects” Sumin to grow a little bit taller for her, because her legs always start shaking with the effort of getting down to Sumin’s height!

[I want her to be] A little bit…tall, please! My legs get shaky [from bending down]! Sorry!


To Yoon’s “request”, Sumin’s face said it all!


You can watch their hilarious interaction here!

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