STAYC’s Yoon Goes Viral For Her Reaction To Seeun Calling Herself Ugly

Seeun is beautiful!

STAYC‘s Seeun is known for her visuals. She previously went viral for her visuals pre-debut, proving she has been beautiful since she was just a student.

Seeun | @YSE_0614/Twitter

Yet, in a live broadcast, Seeun expressed her shocking insecurities.

In a clip, Seeun claimed that she looked ugly without makeup in a photo. She told Yoon she’d be shocked to see it. Yoon asked her why she felt that way and attempted to reassure her, telling her she was not ugly and to believe in herself. Seeun thanked Yoon but appeared to be holding back tears.

Yoon: You’re not ugly!

Seeun: Thank you…

Yoon: Why are you saying that you’re ugly?

Seeun: Thank you…

Yoon: Why? Why?

Seeun: I really did look ugly… I’m being serious… If you saw the photo, you’d be shocked.

Yoon: Even in your “ugliest” moments, you’re basically Aphrodite.

Seeun: Thank you.

Yoon: Believe in yourself… Believe in your own face.

Seeun: Thank you.

The video clip went viral with 534.3K views on X (formerly Twitter) and 972.2K views on TikTok at the time of writing.


seeun u are so perfect:( #stayc #seeun #yoon #taehyunloll

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Fans were shocked by Seeun’s confession, especially as many had been attracted to STAYC initially due to the idol’s visuals. Still, they are glad Yoon was by her side to speak such positive and encouraging words.


We hope Seeun sees herself as we all do! She’s beautiful inside and out.

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