STAYs Call Out JYP Entertainment For Photoshopping Stray Kids

“That doesn’t even look like him.”

After JYP Entertainment released promotional pictures for Stray Kids‘ online fan meeting, STAYs went to social media to express their disapproval for the photo editing. Fans said that the photos were obviously photoshopped and the editing “so overdone” that the boys don’t even look like themselves.

| Twitter
| Twitter

One of the most obvious differences was found in Bang Chan. Fans have also noticed lately the leader’s increasing shyness and insecurities, especially when watching episodes of his weekly livestream, Chan’s Room. He oftentimes apologizes for his appearance, stating that he doesn’t look good or doesn’t look his best only to then hide his face.

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International fans have pointed out how that most of the official released photos make the members look abnormal while the editors try to make the idols fit certain Korean beauty standards, such as giving Bang Chan a smaller nose.

STAYs believe that these edits are causing harm to the idols who end up seeing the pictures as they might start to believe that that is what they are supposed to really look like. Henceforth, idols end up unable to love their natural features. 

When you’re editing his face to fit the incredibly high and inhumane beauty standards that all these idols have to follow, he’s never gonna get a chance to love the features that he has because this is what he thinks he has to look like.

— @knewswithfemi


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Source: Stray Kids/V LIVE and Stray Kids/Twitter

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