STAYs Celebrate The 2nd Anniversary Of Their Fandom For Stray Kids By Trending #STAY2getherWithSKZ — Here Are 15 Emotional Tweets

Happy 2nd anniversary, STAYs!

August 1, 2018 was a special day for fans of Stray Kids. It was the day that the official fandom name, STAY, was announced! In order to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of this special occasion, fans took to Twitter to trend the hashtag #STAY2getherWithSKZ, which is currently trending (as of this writing) with over 200k total tweets! Also being used are the hashtags #STAY2ndAnniversary and #스테이의_이유는_스트레이키즈. Here are some of fans’ emotional, loving, and adorable messages to the boys on the important day.

1. Stray Kids really brings all kinds of people together.

2. Stray Kids members themselves encourage anyone and everyone to join this lovely fandom!

3. No matter how hard life may be, remember this.

4. They really aren’t afraid to show their love!

5. Just look at the STAY power!

6. Who else agrees?

7. Here’s to another 2 (and many many more) wonderful years!

8. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

9. What a way to celebrate!

10. This kind of solidarity is inspiring!

11. This edit is so lovely!

12. And so is this one!

13. It really is beautiful.

14. There is so much amazing support.

15. If you’re not in the fandom yet, it’s never too late to join!

Stray Kids also released a special music video for “Haven” for STAY’s second anniversary! Check it out here:

Stray Kids