STAYs Celebrate Stray Kids’ Han’s Birthday In This Beautiful Way

They made sure to pull out all the stops.

To celebrate Stray KidsHan‘s birthday, fans had prepared something unique before his special day.


And, it was a display that was too obvious to miss.

Birthday advertisements had been placed all throughout one of Seoul’s subway stops. But, they weren’t placed randomly or with just one single photo.

Image credit: ©Haning_Heart

There was such an assortment of photos that it almost appeared like an art gallery rather than a subway stop.

Image credit: ©Haning_Heart

And, they weren’t concentrated in one area. They were spaced out throughout the station for everyone to know who the birthday boy was.

Image credit: ©Haning_Heart

There’s many ways to brighten up the subway, and one of them is with beautiful photos of Han for his special day.

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