STAYs Express Concern For Stray Kids’ Lee Know’s Condition During 2nd World Tour “MANIAC”

It’s near the start of the tour, and fans feel he has already shown signs of exhaustion.

STAYs (fans of Stray Kids) are expressing concern for Lee Know‘s condition.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know at Newark concert.

Currently, Stray Kids are on their 2nd World Tour “MANIAC.” They are touring the United States and have already performed two successful concerts at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Since the first Newark concert, rumors have circulated that Lee Know fainted.

According to STAYs in attendance, he left during the middle of the concert to fix his in-ear or mic. He ended up being gone longer than expected.

Not only that, but he was absent from the members’ ending speeches, and STAYs reported that when he had returned, “he looked down” and barely spoke.

A Lee Know-biased STAY on TikTok shared clips from the concert, revealing more regarding his condition.

In one clip, shortly before he left to go backstage, he can be seen losing his balance while handling the confetti guns. For others, the confetti guns were being handled like they were extremely lightweight.

While others found issues with the claims that Lee Know was unwell, many more agreed that something seemed wrong. They, too, noticed that he appeared “exhausted,” “dizzy,” and perhaps even “shaking” at times.

| @paigedella/TikTok

STAYs noted that the tour dates are one right after another, giving the members little to no time to rest. And, it’s concerning that it’s near the start of the tour, and a member already has shown signs of exhaustion.

So, naturally, many STAYs are concerned and hope that Lee Know prioritizes his health and won’t overwork himself.

Since that night, they have already performed another concert in Newark, and most STAYs feel that Lee Know already appeared to be doing better.

In fact, he was the last to leave the stage.

We hope he truly is taking care of himself!

Source: @paigedella

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