STAYs Urge JYP Entertainment To Protect Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Due To Cyber Attacks

He has even received hate messages on paid platform Bubble.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying, graphic content, and violence that may disturb some readers.

STAYs are urging JYP Entertainment to protect Stray KidsHyunjin.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

Hyunjin has been receiving cyber attacks, including offensive, hateful messages, and death wishes, on not only public social media platforms such as Instagram but even paid platform JYPnation for Bubble.

| Photo and translation via @REPORTHHJ/Twitter

Hyunjin has received pictures of one of his photocards ripped in half, along with disturbing texts.

| Photo and translation via @HHJNation/Twitter

Hwang Hyunjin’s dead body rots with maggots

The perpetrators have replied to Hyunjin’s own Bubble messages with rude messages too. For instance, when he would send a selfie, they would reply with criticism of his appearance.

Photo and translation via @HHJNation/Twitter

Most of all, Hyunjin has received harmful messages, including death wishes, on the app.

Photo and translation via @HHJNation/Twitter

It was previously exposed that over a thousand netizens in a group chat coordinated to purchase his Bubble subscription in order to cyber attack him.

Photo and translation via @REPORTHHJ/Twitter

Tell your fans to stop fighting with Lee Know fans for the best dancer title [for you]. Also, tell them to stop arguing with TXT Yeonjun’s fans

Photo and translation via @REPORTHHJ/Twitter

He read it

Photo and translation via @REPORTHHJ/Twitter

You’ll be fat if you keep eating, stupid

This is unfortunate since Bubble should be considered his “safe space.” But even without Bubble, he can’t escape the attacks across Stray Kids’ shared social media.

On Instagram, netizens have filled the comment section with disgusting comments about Hyunjin. STAYs are attempting to prevent it by reporting malicious accounts and commenting positive messages.

Several netizens also teamed up to “dirty” Hyunjin’s searches on Twitter so that his name will come up with negatively associated words.

Some STAYs suspect that the guilty party is primarily solo stans or akgaes. These are malicious fans that, rather than simply liking just one member of a group, also hate the other members.

Akgae (악개) is a K-pop fandom term for a fan who likes only one member of a music group and hates the others. It is an abbreviation of ‘akseong gaeinpaen’ (악성개인팬) or ‘malicious individual fan.’

— Fanlore

STAYs are urging JYP Nation to take action against the cyber attacks on Hyunjin. They are calling for protection for the company’s artist.

STAYs are trending “#JYPEDoBetterForStrayKids,” “#JYPEtakaction,” and “#JYPEProtectHyunjin.”

STAYs are also mass emailing JYP Entertainment, requesting that the company take action on behalf of Hyunjin.

At the time, JYP Entertainment has yet to respond directly.

Stray Kids

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