This Steamy K-Drama Kiss Scene Is About To hit 170 Million Views On Youtube

Steamy K-Drama kisses are always a fan favorite, but there is one scene that everyone is apparently crazy about, and it has almost 170 million views to prove it.

Source: Youtube

The steamy kiss scene featuring Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon is from tvN’s Witch’s Romance which aired in 2014.

Uhm Jung Hwa played a 39-year-old single woman (Ban Ji Yeon), who got into a hot situation with Park Seo Joon’s character (Yoon Dong Ha).

As things continued to get steamier, however, Ji Yeon accidentally glimpsed Dong Ha’s photo ID and discovered that he was 14 years her junior.

While Witch’s Romance was on the air, it was popular with Korean women in their 30s as they were able to relate to Uhm Jung Hwa’s character…

And possibly fantasizing about kissing Park Seo Joon—although, what fangirl of any age wouldn’t want to?

Watch the hot and steamy kiss scene below:

Source: Dispatch