Stefanie Michova warns fans on posting malicious comments on her Instagram

Stefanie Michova boldly responds to fans who have been posting malicious comments on her personal Instagram account. 

The attack against the model started early on September 2nd when she posted a screen cap of Donghae and Eunhyuk’s teaser for for their latest single, ‘Let’s Get It On,” on which she had a role in. However, since the update, Stefanie Michova was harassed by a number of Super Junior’s fans as they expressed their online hate against her, along with comments containing profanity and threats.

In a bid to stop fans from fighting and leaving hate comments on her page, Stefanie Michova made a bold statement saying, “Stop talking s**t. Like you know this s**t,” and revealed that, “I’m happily in a relationship. And I find it very upsetting that girls have to hate on other girls. Everyone who feels the need to express their own insecurities and hate on my profile will get blocked. I hope you can get some help and find love/purpose in your life.” 

She ended the comment lightheartedly with the statement, “P.S. I appreciate all the love and support I have received from many ELFs and people.” 

Stefanie Michova is the German model currently dating rapper Beenzino. Recently, she has made a special appearance as the female lead on D&E’s music video for their Japanese single, “Let’s Get It On.”

Source: Dispatch