STELLAR’s Minhee Gives First Update Since Group’s Disbandment

STELLAR’s Minhee gives insight on what members are up to.

The girl group, STELLAR, which gained fame through their sexy concept announced their disbandment.


The members of the group pitched in to hold their last fan meeting.


Former members Gayoung and Jeonyul also participated in the meeting.


With the end of the contract between STELLAR and Entertainment Pascal, it was revealed that they will not be renewing their contracts.


Minhee shared the details and the members’ future plans in an interview.

“The contract with our company ended on February 11th. We’ve decided to not renew the contract and go our separate ways. Jeonyul and Gayoung are making an effort to get into acting. Hyoeun and I have not yet decided in detail. We’d also like to challenge ourselves in acting and are also thinking about ways to communicate with our fans through Youtube or SNS channels.” — Minhee


But she emphasized that the disbandment wasn’t because of any discord between the members.

“Many people were worried about this, but no. Not at all. We are still getting along very well and trying to be there for each other.” — Minhee


She conveyed the members’ sadness for saying goodbye to their fans.

“More than anything else, we are very sorry to our Twinkle (fans). We are so thankful for them and wished we could’ve done more for them. Our members recently pitched in to hold our last fan meeting to say our last goodbyes. Our fans were sad but also supported our decisions, so we were very encouraged.” — Minhee


But she revealed that they may be continuing on together outside of Entertainment Pascal!

“I don’t think that would be possible. The name ‘STELLAR’ belongs to the company…and so we’re debating on whether there would be something we could together on our own.” — Minhee


Until then, STELLAR thanks everyone who supported their group and hopes to greet them again soon!