Stephanie says she’s never had a feud with SM Entertainment management in her 12 years

Female artist Stephanie, better known as a member of the girl group CSJH The Grace under SM Entertainment, recently had an interview with media enews24 where she spoke about the agency.

Stephanie has always been known for her graceful dancing due to her background as a ballet dancer who rose into prominence with her features on SBS‘s X-Man.

During the interview, she said, “A lot of people tend to misunderstand, I’m still a singer and belong under SM Entertainment. Through a consigned agreement, I am active [solo] under Mafia Records,” and then adds, “In the 12 years I’ve been under SM Entertainment, I’ve never had a disagreement with the officials.”

“Undergoing broadcast activities apart from SM [as per the consigned contract] I value how much the single article is. I’m here because there are many people who are working hard behind-the-scenes. Thanks to them, I am able to enjoy my work as much as I want.”

CSJH The Grace went on the rise as they began to be recognized in both South Korea and Japan between 2008 and 2010. Stephanie sustained a major back injury in 2010, causing group activities to come to a halt with members undergoing solo activities for the next few years. Stephanie eventually returned to ballet and then signed under Media Line Entertainment for her solo debut and then Mafia Records for her solo activities while still under SM Entertainment.

Currently, Stephanie is undergoing solo activities with her single Prisoner, her first release in three years.

Source: enews24