Stephanie shows off her beautiful ballet skills on “Radio Star”

Making a guest appearance on Radio Star, Stephanie gave a demonstration of her ballet skills with the help of Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun.

Aired on September 9th, Stephanie took off her shoes and showed off her flexible ballet skills in front of the cast and female guests. Prepared with her ballet shoes, she takes off her jacket and shows off her pointe skills with Kyuhyun spinning her around.

She then shares other ballet moves such as the penchee, pique turns, adagio, and more, even performing dances from the popular “Swan Lake.”

In 2008, her severe back injury put a halt to group activities and she traveled to the U.S. for rehabilitation for two years. She returned to ballet, joining the Los Angeles Ballet Company and later continued to study dance at the Korea Arts University.

She recently made a solo comeback with “Prisoner.”