Stephen Curry Sends Signed Jersey to Lai Kuanlin And Requests Basketball Match

Lai Kuanlin is a successful fan!

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry sent Lai Kuanlin a shout out, offering him one of his own signed jerseys and a 3 hour basketball session, saying he wants to really make it happen.

@赖冠霖_LAIKUANLIN Here’s a gift for you to wear when we ACTUALLY play basketball for 3 hours! Let’s make it happen 😂

— Stephen Curry

Lai Kuanlin responded to Stephen Curry’s post, calling it an honor to even be sending him a message.

Roger that! As u were the role model since I was a kid, U’re still teaching me a lot. Not just on the court. Let’s just say this.Make it ‘6 hours’^^By the way, don’t forget to bring your sports car^Just even sending u this message..I  feel so honored.Thank u Mr. Steph Curry

— Lai Kuanlin

When Lai Kuanlin guested on Happy Camp earlier this month, he joked that played basketball for 3 hours with Stephen Curry, and how the NBA superstar even picked him up in his black sports car.

Lai Kuanlin has been Stephen Curry’s fan ever since he was younger, with one of his previous social media account usernames being “EdCurry30”.