Steve Aoki Talks About Upcoming MV With BTS For “Waste It On Me”

He dropped all the details about his process with BTS on live radio.

DJ Steve Aoki visited the AMP Morning Show to drop details about his latest new hit with BTS, ‘Waste It On Me’.


When the radio hosts asked if there was a “legit” music video coming soon for the video, Steve Aoki confirmed that there was a music video set to drop real soon! But he’s keeping mum on the specific details.

“Yes, there’s a legit music video coming for this song.

I do not want to give away any leaks on it because it’s so, so, so awesome. I’m just so excited too share it with you guys but it would be horrible if I give away the leaks.

It’s coming soon.”

— Steve Aoki


The radio hosts tried their very best to get more details about the music video out of Steve Aoki. Was BTS in the music video? When was this filmed? But the DJ kept silent as he promised that it’s just going to be “a moment”.

“I’m not gonna say anything about the video but it’s a moment.”

— Steve Aoki


Although he remained secretive about the upcoming music video, he opened up about the whole process of working with BTS. He revealed that it was so difficult for him to keep this record a secret as he knew long ago that it was a hit!

“It’s insane just the BTS rollercoaster ride is a crazy one to jump on. Holding this record back was already difficult.

When you know you have this hit, you’re like, ‘Oh my god, I want to share this so badly!’ but you have to wait it out and wait for the right time.

I finished up the track, and I was just holding it and holding it, waiting for that moment and here it is today! This is like a big moment today for me, for BTS, for everyone.”

— Steve Aoki


He also shared how he was able to create such good music with BTS because of the amazing production team at BigHit. After their first collab for ‘MIC Drop Remix’, everything fell in line for ‘Waste It On Me’.

“It’s really just like sending music back and forth. When I went to Korea, I met up with their production team as well. I didn’t just meet up with the guys but I also met up with the guys that also make the music for BTS. We linked up and we vibe it out. That’s when I started working on ‘MIC Drop Remix’.

From then on it was more fluid. We started talking more on the music side of things with the production team, as well as with the boys. Just back and forth and back and forth. ‘Waste It On Me’ was the song they loved. They heard the original foundation of what the song was and they got in the studio and knocked down their track for vocals, did an incredible job, obviously.”

— Steve Aoki


Considering how ‘Waste It On Me’ is BTS’s first all-English song, Steve Aoki emphasized that it’s not a marketing play but it just happened organically. BTS, BigHit’s production team, and he just all agreed that it was meant to be.

“There was an organic transition to this but it’s funny how things just naturally occur. It wasn’t like, ‘Okay, here’s the strategy, here’s the plan, this is what we’re gonna do.’ It wasn’t forced, but it was just naturally like, ‘Oh this is perfectly the first all English song by BTS.

It’s very exciting.”

— Steve Aoki


With such amazing synergy between BTS and Steve Aoki, their upcoming music video is sure to be one helluva goldmine!


Check out his complete interview below: