Steve Aoki Gives ARMY A Glimpse Of BTS In The Most Recent Episode Of His Show

And we mean a glimpse.

Steve Aoki just released the tenth episode of his behind-the-scenes show, Aoki’s World. The episode isn’t primarily about BTS but it does feature some adorable moments between the boys and Steve.

First Steve introduced Team GDW who created the music video for “Mic Drop: Steve Aoki Remix”.

Then it was time for Steve to meet up with BTS. They met in Steve’s hotel room and goofed around for a while.

Steve only had one hoodie to give out to BTS so they had to engage in the deadliest sport known to man for the rights to the hoodie…

…a game of rock-paper-scissors! The boys duelled it out to the best of their abilities.

But in the end, it was RM who emerged on top and got to wear the prestigious hoody.

RM really enjoyed his prize. He pranced around triumphantly wearing it.

And that’s it. It wasn’t much but we’re glad that Steve gave us a glimpse of BTS and the inner workings of the Mic Drop video. You can watch the full video below: