Steve Aoki Reveals Which K-Pop Artists He Wants To Collaborate With Next

Steve Aoki has his eyes on these two K-Pop artists!

DJ Steve Aoki sat down with Korean press to talk more about his work with BTS and his thoughts about the K-Pop scene.


He first began by giving credit to BTS for breaking boundary after boundary in the global music scene, all the while singing in their native language – Korean.

“Just as Bruce Lee took over the world 50 years ago, BTS has also broken down boundaries as leaders of culture. They only sing in Korean, becoming the representatives of Asians and showing the potential of Asians.”

— Steve Aoki


With BTS helping pave the way for K-Pop on a global stage, Steve Aoki revealed that he’s also interested in collaborating with other K-Pop artists. To name a few, he name dropped MONSTA X and CL!

“I want to work with MONSTA X and CL. I saw how high MONSTA X’s talent and production is through social media. CL is a friend who I keep in contact with often.”

— Steve Aoki


Steve Aoki’s definitely not new to the K-Pop scene with BTS. He’s been close friends with BIGBANG‘s Seungri since years before!

“I’m also close friends with BIGBANG’s Seungri, even beyond our relationship in the music business.”

— Steve Aoki


With his recent success with BTS and his close ties with multiple K-Pop artists, Steve Aoki is all on board the K-Pop train!

“I really hope to collaborate with other K-Pop artists too.”

— Steve Aoki

Source: Yonhap News