Steve Aoki Announces BTS’s “The Truth Untold” Remix Will Drop In July

He wants ARMYs to tell him exactly what date he should drop it!

It’s been less than a week since Steve Aoki released the exciting news that he is in the processing a remix of his latest collaboration with BTS, “The Truth Untold”, but he just announced that we’ll be getting it a lot sooner than anyone could have guessed!


The American producer first announced news of the remix on June 27.


And as expected, ARMYs were extremely excited by the news!


But now there’s an even better reason to celebrate! Steve Aoki just posted that he’ll be dropping the new remix in July and is looking to ARMYs for help picking the date.


Now ARMYs are weighing in on the big decision. Should he drop the song as soon as possible…


Or wait and expose it to the huge crowds at Tomorrowland even if it means waiting until the end of the month? It’s honestly one of the hardest choices to make especially since we know how beautiful “The Truth Untold” is and how awesome the “MIC Drop” remix is!


With so many great suggestions, we’ll all just have to wait and see what date Steve Aoki picks!