Are They Still Dating? Netizens Speculate That “EXchange 2” Sung Hae Eun Bought Her Boyfriend A Luxury Brand Gift

Eagle-eyed fans know everything!

Last summer, TVING‘s reality dating show EXchange 2 had everybody rooting for their favorite couples.

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Jung Hyun Kyu and Sung Hae Eun were one of the couples birthed from the program, and their romance continued after the show ended. Their relationship received a lot of love at the time because of Hyun Kyu’s straightforwardness while pursuing Hae Eun. They also gained attention as Hae Eun is four years older than Hyun Kyu.

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A year later, the two appear to still be in love. Recently, Hyun Kyu posted several photos of him wearing a black suit on his Instagram with a simple caption: “#tie #shoes #suit.

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Something that fans couldn’t help but notice was the bright orange necktie—and they poked fun at him. A fan commented, “It looks like Jeju Air,” comparing his necktie to the airline’s bright orange logo. Another comment compared his tie to the Korean baseball team, the Hanhwa Eagles, whose official color is orange.

Upon seeing these reactions, Hyun Kyu posted a photo of his Hermes necktie on his Instagram story and defended the tie, saying, “The tie is pretty in person!!!!!


Eagle-eyed fans found out that a special someone gifted him this necktie. Recently, Hae Eun uploaded a vlog on her YouTube channel about her traveling throughout Paris. In the video, she visited a Hermes store and carefully picked out a necktie “for a gift.”

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She stated that even if she didn’t buy anything for herself, buying a gift for someone else made her just as happy.

I don’t need mine. I don’t really need anything.

— Sung Hae Eun


The recipient of the tie gift from Hae Eun was none other than her boyfriend, Hyun Kyu. The fact that he defended his necktie after people made jokes about it because it was a gift from his girlfriend showed his sweet “boyfriend” side.


Meanwhile, EXchange is a reality dating show where pairs of exes come together to find true love, whether it’s with their exes or with new partners. In the second season, Hae Eun and Hyun Kyu picked one another to become a final couple, parting ways with the exes they entered the show with.

Source: Wikitree and HAEPPY/YouTube