#StopNCTmanagers Trends After Clip Surfaces Of Managers Telling NCT To Stop Speaking English

Even non-NCT stans are supporting the trend!

Managers are there to keep their idols on track. They are in charge of everything from making sure they keep their appointments to preventing them from doing anything that might lead to a scandal, but some fans think that, sometimes, the managers try to control too much.


NCTzens, in particular, have noticed the extreme control and are getting tired of the way NCT‘s managers have been treating the boys. The issue came into clear focus when a clip surfaced of NCT’s managers telling Ten and Johnny to stop speaking English.


Fans were immediately taken aback by the clip and particularly noticed how uncomfortable Johnny looked afterward.


But it turns out that instance wasn’t an isolated case. NCTzens started posting other cases where the managers had told them to stop doing certain things and tagged them with the hashtag #StopNCTmanagers.


NCTzens just kept posting more and more cases of the managers telling the boys to stop some behavior or another.


As more posts rolled in, #StopNCTmanagers started to become a trend on Twitter with many fans expressing their disappointment in how the managers were treating the members.


Many of those fans also expressed their love of the members, quirks and all, while wishing that the managers would allow them to express those sides of themselves.


The trend has gained so much attention that even netizens who don’t identify themselves as NCTzens have voiced their feelings on the subject.


SM Entertainment has not responded to the issue so far, but fans are continuing to push for change via the trending hashtag.