The Story Behind BTS’ Idol Stage At Golden Disc Awards

Meet Haetae the lion.

BTS blew everyone away with their live performance of “Idol” at the Golden Disc Awards this weekend.

You may remember the giant lion statue that BTS rode out on…

Well, it turns out that lion is named Haetae and building him was quite the process…

“It took two weeks just to complete Haetae. We first sculpted with special styrofoam and to enhance the safety, we installed safety bar, hand-grabbing bar and even applied fire retardant”

“We designed the location and height/level of stars considering the safety. Overall, we created the stage considering the safety of the artist first and foremost”

“We worked hard to make it a safe stage but at the same time a stage where they can be close to the fans”


I’m sure A.R.M.Y will appreciate the tireless work the crew put in to make sure that BTS would be safe during their awe-inspiring performance.

Here you can the stages of Haetae’s development:

The director also talked about what the stage represented:

“It expressed the power and message of music that transcends generation, era, language. nation, race, religion and justice.”

“Haetae judges good and evil and right and wrong. It’s an imaginative animal that represents justice”

“It’s reported that staff have been inspired by the path BTS has been taking and it motivated them to come up with this figure”

“BTS, who despite anything was never shaken, went forward with justice and showed their music”

“In order to express the status and path of BTS who’s reaching and marching to the world, we had them riding on Haetae to march to the extended stage”


Their stage was truly inspiring and it shows how far they’ve come.

You can read the full translation of the director’s comments here:

and you can watch BTS’ incredible performance on JTBC’s Vlive here:

Source: JK Glitters and Naver


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